Bud Right's Story

Bud Right is one of Canada’s premier mail order marijuana dispensaries. We deliver cannabis products across Canada that have all been tested from a certified Health Canada lab, giving us peace of mind that our products are of proper dosage and safe. Your order will come to your door, quickly and discreetly. We put together a team with the skill set and knowledge that can provide you, our patients with medicinal marijuana. Cannabis is nature’s natural medication that can take the place of many prescription drugs offered to you by the health industry, saving your body from harsh addictive medication.

Here at Bud Right, we believe in a lifestyle. We want you to live a free-spirited and social type of life, so if you are using marijuana just to make it through the day or another way to enjoy some time with a group of friends. Bud Right is here for you! Please, we encourage you to write your story. We want to hear how marijuana has helped your life. Welcome to Bud Right! We look forward to taking this adventure with you!

Bud done Right!